Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an Asian martial art practiced for many reasons including defense training, health benefits such as balance, and core strengthening. The chi in Tai Chi means qi or ki, “life energy.” The concept of Tai Chi appears in Taoist philosophy, where it represents the fusion of Ying and Yang into a single ultimate. Learn Tai Chi through Dahn Mu Do. Dahn Mu Do is a comprehensive system of movement that is derived from the ancient tradition of Korean healing and martial arts forms.

It includes principles and practices for the enhancement of life energy and for the development of the ability to use energy. It can be literally translated as “the art of being limitless." It is a discipline designed to develop power and to uncover endless creative energy. The ultimate goal is to develop full mastership of body, mind and spirit.

Include Tai Chi in your company's wellness program.

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Rejuv At Work provides professional certified Tai Chi instructors
Our Tai Chi instructors are professional, dedicated, and certified.
Rejuv At Work provides scheduling services
We can assist with scheduling, making it simple to offer on-site Tai Chi instruction at your company or event.
Rejuv At Work provides onsite Tai Chi classes
Tai Chi classes are typically 60 minutes.

Onsite Tai Chi classesTai Chi classes can be held indoors or outdoors.

Onsite Tai Chi classesThis gentle, slow, low-impact and stress-reducing activity awakens the body and centers the mind.

Onsite Tai Chi classesOriginally developed for self-defense,Tai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that promotes serenity, balance and agility through movement.