Other Wellness Programs

Meditative movement practices help to calm, de-stress and focus the mind, leaving the body in a balanced, energized and relaxed state.

Create a culture of wellness at your organization by offering weekly on-site meditative movement and mindfulness meditation classes by dedicated, enthusiastic instructors. A key to mindfulness stress reduction in the workplace.

Rejuv At Work offers on-site morning, lunch-hour, and/or evening meditative movement and meditation classes to suit your organization's needs.

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Corporate Onsite Yoga ClassesYogaCorporate Onsite Yoga Classes
Corporate Onsite Tai Chi ClassesTai ChiCorporate Onsite Tai Chi Classes
Corporate Onsite Qi Gong ClassesQi GongCorporate Onsite Qi Gong Classes

Corporate Onsite Mindfulness Meditation ClassesmeditationCorporate Onsite Mindfulness Mediation Classes