Virtual Wellness Seminars

Educational online health and wellness seminars will inspire and support employees as they work from home.

Online Wellness Seminars and Webinars include:

Rejuv At Work Online Seminars for Corporate Employees

Virtual Stress Management Webinar

We've all experienced symptoms of stress from time to time. While these symptoms are not always ideal, responding to stress in a healthy way is a trainable skill. Poorly managed stress in the workplace can take a toll on individuals and the overall health of the company. But, shifting perspective around stress and setting up an action plan to cope with the symptoms is proven to be highly effective. While it may be inevitable, stress can be manageable. With the Live Online Stress Management seminar, participants will learn how to better recognize stress and get to the root of the stress response. Proper coping skills, using a variety of techniques and solutions, will be explored and practiced in detail. Some of these skills include mindfulness, relaxation, and healthy habits, thus improving focus, creativity, and productivity as well as overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Virtual Essential Sleep Webinar

Discover how important sleep is to your health and review common sleep disorders. This class is packed with practical tips to help you get your sleep. Participants receive useful sleep hygiene advice and mindfulness exercises to prepare for sleep in order to get deep, healthy sleep and have energy throughout the day.

Rejuv At Work Online Seminars for Corporate Employees
Rejuv At Work Online Webinars for Corporate Employees

Virtual 10 Days to Happy Webinar

Finding yourself in a "slump"? Or maybe you're on an endless "coronacoaster"? During this challenging time, it's hard not to see the glass half empty. But nothing is worse than picking up a "depression" related book to find chapter after chapter going into the explanation of what depression is and why you need help feeling better. You already know you need help! And we’re here to help you feel better! In this live workshop, we will teach you actionable solutions to get you out of a slump and into a better mood.

Virtual Exercise for Busy Bodies Webinar

Finding time to exercise can be challenging. But, including activity and exercise into your regular routine is very important to your health and overall energy level. Even if you have a packed schedule, here are some tips for fitting exercise into the busiest of days, no matter where you are.

Rejuv At Work Online Webinars for Corporate Employees
Rejuv At Work Online Webinars for Corporate Employees

Virtual Stretch While You Work Webinar

You don’t need a gym or fancy exercise equipment to work your muscles. We will show you how to incorporate simple stretching and strengthening exercises as you work. Resistance bands are recommended for participants but not required. Thinking about adding different forms of exercise to your routine? Yoga is an excellent way to exercise, and during this educational seminar, we will discuss the many benefits and types of yoga and demonstrate a few poses.

Virtual Step Up Your Exercise Webinar

Are you thinking about starting an exercise routine or want to become more efficient with your workout? Learn what the recommendations are for different forms of exercise and ways to build consistency and stay motivated.

Rejuv At Work Virtual Webinars for Corporate Employees
Rejuv At Work Online Webinars for Corporate Employees

Virtual Working Parents Toolkit for Sanity

2020 has been a crazy year filled with stressors that we've never seen or experienced before. For parents in particular, stress at home is at an all-time high. Balancing working remotely with kids being schooled from home can be incredibly stressful and difficult. In this online workshop, we address some of these struggles and work through ways of balancing and adapting to this new normal. With these coping skills and solutions, we hope to help make life at home a little less stressful.

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