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There are many things in life that are beyond our control. However, it is possible to take responsibility for our own states of mind – and to change them for the better. Mindfulness is a means of transforming the mind and can be practiced while doing any activity – working, exercising, eating and or course, meditating. Mindfulness practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.

Online Meditation Classes include:

Rejuv At Work Virtual Mindfulness Meditation Classes for Corporate Employees

Virtual Mindfulness Meditation:

Whether you're an experienced meditator or a beginner student, join us for refreshing focused moments during your workday. We'll practice various techniques and offer time for questions and discussion during each class to deepen our practice and refine our techniques. Our online mindfulness practice is an opportunity to examine our own minds and to create a less reactive mind over time. It can be a helpful tool for those struggling with stress and anxiety, but is open to absolutely anyone who has a curiosity and motivation to live a more balanced and focused life.

Virtual Guided Meditation

This guided online mindfulness meditation practice will playfully travel through the senses to strengthen awareness, focus, compassion and the capacity for new discoveries. Sign up for the whole series!

Open Awareness: In our day-to-day work and in times of stress, we can feel limited in our time, energy, and spaciousness. The Open Awareness meditation utilizes guided practice and techniques to support the feeling of expansion, connection, and ease. Return to your breath and body as you move away from stress and overwhelm, and into spaciousness and possibility.

Mountain Meditation: As the winds of life can pull our attention in many different directions, we support ourselves by grounding into the wisdom of the mountain. The Mountain Meditation invites you to experience the natural inner strength and focus that nature's elements offer us. Bring steadiness to your body and mind by connecting the senses and attention to the qualities of the mountain.

Element Awareness: In nature, we find the elements earth, water, fire, and air, each with their own strengths, functioning together in harmony to support life. Those same elements are within our bodies, and through connecting to the elements within, we can find greater harmony in our own body, mind, and spirit. The Element Awareness Meditation connects the senses, the body, and the attention to the qualities of each element, creating a sensory experience to awaken the life force within.

Easing Anxiety: Anxiety is an uneasiness that lives not only in the mind but in the body. Through conscious breath and meditation techniques, we can bring regulation to the nervous system, helping to ease the mind. The Easing Anxiety meditation cultivates calm by bringing inner support and relaxation to the body, and spaciousness and presence to the mind.

Body Healing: Our bodies do and hold so much for us, and yet most of our days are spent in the mind. A little awareness goes a long way when it comes to our relationship with our body. Through body awareness and connection, we can deepen and heal the separation between body and mind, and cultivate a healthy and loving relationship with our physical selves.

Staying Focused: Life can easily pull us in many different directions, making it challenging to focus. Our modern digital lifestyle can exacerbate difficulty in staying present. Meditation is the ultimate antidote, focusing our mind on our breath, regulating emotions, and inviting our body and system to unplug into stillness. This meditation utilizes the basic foundations of mindfulness to clear distractions and bring you into center, so you can stay focused.

Managing Stressors: Stress is an inevitable part of life, and yet there are ways to manage our stress so that it doesn’t get the best of us. Meditation serves as a powerful tool to shift into a more spacious state of being. Through mindfulness meditation techniques and breath awareness, we balance and regulate the nervous system, increasing our capacity to manage stress from the inside out.

Challenging Emotions: Being human comes with a wide range of emotions, some of which can feel challenging and difficult to manage. Through awareness and acknowledgement of our emotions we can learn to be skillful and kind when faced with difficulties. This meditation provides mindfulness techniques that support this awareness process, creating compassionate space for us to choose our responses challenging emotions.

Heart Practices: Tap into the wisdom of the heart as you cultivate loving-kindness within. Through mindfulness meditation techniques, you’ll access the powerful tool of compassion towards yourself and others. Through compassion, more ease, harmony, and understanding set in, for an overall greater sense of wellbeing.

Walking Meditation: The mind connects with the body for a heightened sense of presence in this walking meditation. When we are fully present, our minds can find relief and flow with curiosity to all that our experience has to offer in the moment. Emerge from this meditation more grounded and peaceful through slow mindful movement.

Breath Awareness: Our most powerful tool of presence is the breath. This meditation practice supports concentration, steadiness, and stillness through a variety of breath awareness techniques. Through breath awareness, we can access a sense of spaciousness and calm in our bodies and minds!

Sound Awareness: It can be challenging to get out of the mind’s patterns and into the present moment. Sound Awareness meditation uses the sensory inputs of sound from your environment to bring grounding, presence, and focus to your mental space. Explore the connection of your awareness to sound and silence, finding more ease wherever you are!

Awaken to Your Senses, Awaken to Your Life: Turn off the auto-pilot and tune into your life! When we tune into the rich information our senses can offer us, we cultivate the mindfulness to attune to the fullness of our sensory experience as humans. This powerful skill can enhance your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, increasing your overall well-being!

Rejuv At Work Online Guided Meditation Classes for Corporate Employees

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