Mindfulness Meditation

Due to Covid-19 and Shelter-in-Place Guidelines, Rejuv At Work is not currently scheduling corporate on-site services. Please check out our great selection of New Virtual Classes and contact us today!

In Mindfulness Meditation classes and workshops, participants learn to strengthen, stabilize and calm the mind to achieve and maintain focus, natural harmony and a positive outlook. Stress reduction is directly related to increased energy, productivity, performance and creativity.

Learn more about Mindfulness Meditation in our December 2016 blog post: Mindfulness Meditation, Part 1, and our January 2017 blog post: Mindfulness Meditation, Part 2!

Mindfulness Meditation is led by a dedicated, certified instructor who teach relaxation and awareness techniques, and the importance of renewing and nourishing ourselves.

A variety of workshops and classes can be scheduled, including:
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Mindfulness for business executives, managers, programmers, educators, health care professionals
  • Mindfulness for university students

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We Make It Easy
Rejuv At Work provides onsite  Meditation classes
Meditation classes vary in length.
Rejuv At Work provides scheduling services
Online scheduling makes it simple to offer on-site Meditation instruction at your company or event.

Onsite Mindfulness Meditation classesMeditation cultivates mental clarity, perspective, and peace of mind.

Onsite Mindfulness Meditation classesMeditation can clear away your day's stress.

Onsite Mindfulness Meditation classesMeditation helps improve communication skills.