Table Massage

Due to Covid-19 and Shelter-in-Place Guidelines, Rejuv At Work is not currently scheduling corporate on-site services. Please check out our great selection of New Virtual Classes and contact us today!

Table Massage addresses the whole body, and is deeply therapeutic and relaxing, both physically and mentally. It can be tailored to the recipient's needs using Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Sports and many other massage techniques.

Offer Table Massage on a regular schedule and for special events.

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We Make It Easy
Rejuv At Work provides professional massage therapists, portable massage mats and ambient accessories
We schedule professional massage therapists who bring portable massage tables and ambient accessories.
Rejuv At Work provides scheduling services
We offer online scheduling, making it simple for your company to host and manage onsite Table Massage for your employees.
Rejuv At Work provides mobile table massage
Table Massage sessions can be 15 to 90 minutes.
Rejuv At Work can provide multiple massage therapists for table massage services
Multiple massage therapists are available for 2-6 hours each.

Table MassageClients lay on a professional massage table.

Table MassageMassage therapists focus on relaxing or re-energizing specific body parts or the full body, based on individual needs.

Table MassageCommon physical workplace problems can be addressed.