Onsite Fitness Classes

Create a culture of wellness, focus and fun at your organization by offering weekly on-site fitness classes by dedicated, enthusiastic instructors.

Rejuv At Work offers a variety of fitness classes designed to motivate and improve your employees' health and outlook during the day and all year long. Our fitness programs include Yoga, Pilates, Dance (Zumba, Cardio Hip Hop, World Dance, Integrative Movement ...), Bootcamp, HIIT and TRX classes!

Our on-site fitness classes can be scheduled to suit your organization's needs. They are typically held in the morning, lunch hour or late afternoon.

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Corporate Onsite Yoga ClassesYogaCorporate Onsite Yoga Classes
Corporate Onsite Pilates ClassesPilatesCorporate Onsite Pilates Classes
Corporate Onsite Dance ClassesDanceCorporate Onsite Dance Classes

Corporate Onsite Bootcamp ClassesBootcampCorporate Onsite Bootcamp Classes

Corporate HIIT ClasseshiitCorporate HIIT Classes

Corporate TRX ClassestrxCorporate TRX Classes