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Rejuv At Work Certified Massage Therapist
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Serge Dautricourt Rejuv At Work Founder, Director, Certified Massage Therapist,  Yoga Instructor
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About the Founder / Director: Serge Dautricourt

A massage therapist and yoga practitioner for over a decade, Serge Dautricourt recognized the need for on-site massage therapy, yoga and other mind/body practices in the workplace early in his career. He noticed that many employees who work long hours do not have the time to go off-site for regular massage and movement classes that could significantly improve their well-being, comfort, energy and focus. Several years ago, he was asked to schedule chair massage at LinkedIn and massage workshops in Stanford University residence halls. In 2010, he created Rejuv At Work to help company employees and university students to stay healthy, relaxed, and productive in their work environments.

Demand for Wellness at Work is Growing;
so is the demand for Service Providers
If you are a certified massage therapist or wellness instructor practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area or one of our other locations and interested in joining our pool of Service Providers, contact us today!