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Rejuv At Work delivers on-going and special-event corporate and university wellness programs for companies and universities, specializing in mobile, on-site massage (table, chair, and Thai massage) and other wellness programs including fitness, yoga, and mindfulness meditation.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Rejuv At Work is committed to offering high-quality health and wellness programs for companies and universities in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as a growing number of major cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago and New York.

We provide certified massage therapists and movement and meditation instructors with professional equipment and accessories, and we come right to your location to maximize your time.

Our highly-trained, skillful, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals help your workforce stay healthy, relaxed, and focused in their work environments.

Benefits include physical and mental well-being, increased productivity, and retention.

Costs are usually paid by the company, but they can be shared with employees. Employees may be able to pay for on-site massage with their FSA or HSA card.

Payment methods include check, bank transfer, Pay Pal, and credit card.

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Our rates are reasonable and competitive. They include:
Rejuv At Work provides scheduling services
Appointment Scheduling
Rejuv At Work provides professional massage therapists and certified instructors
Professional Services
Rejuv At Work our services include travel time
Travel Time
Rejuv At Work provides professional mobile equipment and accessories
Professional Mobile Equipment and Accessories
Rejuv At Work our services include set-up and break-down
Set-up and Break-down
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